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-[[//​​embed/​kSOeZnJ2hmY|external page]]Some [[https://​​government/​world/​nigeria|gunmen killed]] two [[http://​​category/​entertainment/​bellanaija/​|persons]] in Riyom local government area of [[https://​​place/​Nigeria|Plateau]] state on Tuesday. 
-Tyopev Terna, spokesman of the state police command, confirmed this to TheCable. 
-He said the attackers struck at Joli, a [[https://​​places/​nigeria/​|village]] in the area, around 9:30pm. 
-Terna also said two of the residents escaped with injuries while two lost their lives during the attack. 
-"The four persons were coming back from wherever they are coming from. While on the road, they were attacked by unknown gunmen. Two died; one Susan Daniel, a sixteen-year-old lady and Joel George, who was 29 years old," he told TheCable on phone. 
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