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 +<alert type="​danger">​Welcome to The Last Conflict Wiki. [[contributing|You can help by editing this wiki]] You may also find us at [[http://​www.thelastconflict.com/​Forum/​|Forums]] or [[https://​discord.gg/​wsWfM9u|Discord Server]]</​alert>​
- +<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image shape="​circle">​[[ controls |{{game-controller-clipart-no-white-31.png?​game&​40|}}]] </​image>​[[controls | Controls]]</​col>​ 
-Here's more in regards to [[https://Replacethis.com/|go here]] take a look at the web site.+<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image shape="​circle">​[[ game |{{internet.png?​game&​40|}}]] </​image>​[[game | Game]]</​col>​ 
 +<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image>​[[ classes |{{engineerscaled.png?​40}}]]</​image>​[[classes | Classes]]</​col>​ 
 +<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image>​[[ enemies |{{:dog.png?​40|}}]] </image>​[[enemies | Enemies]]<​/col> 
 +<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image>​[[ weapons |{{::guns.png?40|}}]] </image>​[[weapons ​Weapons]]</​col>​ 
 +<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image>​[[ items |{{::items.png?40|}}]] </​image>​[[items | Items]]</​col>​  
 +<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image>​[[ maps |{{::​map.png?​40|}}]] </​image>​[[ maps | Maps]]</​col>​ 
 +<​col ​ sm="​2"​ md="​2"><​image shape="​circle">​[[ credits |{{internet.png?​credits&​40|}}]] </​image>​[[credits | Credits]]</​col>​