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-The Lagos State University has shut its door against 33,000 students seeking admission into the institution for the 2017/2018 academic session.+Manager at the Flight Department of the defunct Nigeria AirwaysHenry Iwelunmo, who had put in 20 years of service in the airline before it was liquidated, told WOLE OYEBADE that aviation workers were victims of atrocities that investors and owners perpetrate in the industry.
-The school said it could only admit 3,500 students out of the 36,500 seeking admission into the institutionleaving a shortfall of 33,000 thrown out by the institution.+How pleasing is the news of the N45b approved for payment of benefits to ex-workers of the defunct Nigeria Airways? 
 +For us, it is a welcome developmentbut we hope that the government in the futureand when things get better, will fulfill ​the promise it made beforeand bridge the gap between what they are giving now and what was previously promised. All in allwe do appreciate government’s gesture for now because so many people have lost their lives due to inability to access medicare given the lack of funds.
-Head of Centre for InformationPress and Public RelationsAdekoya Martins, in a statement ​on Thursdaysaid that 36,500 candidates applied for admission in LASU for the academic session.+I lost a colleague within the Nigerian Airways family in the last few weeks. This is in addition to several others we have been told have passed on. So many of us are in various stages ​of distress right now. If it is not health problemsit is accommodation problemsobligations to children and so on. Soit has not been easy at all.
-He described as false, purported information on some social media platforms ​that LASU was set to admit 5,500 out of 36,500 candidates.+And you can imagine ​that the last time we got paid was in 2008. The truth iswe in the airline industry have seen the state of aviation in Nigeria over the years even up till today. You can imagine what happened to workers of the EAS, who went to NICON Airways. The people that managed the airline disappeared into thin air, leaving the staff to face very uncertain times. Besides, over 30 airlines have over these years all fallen by the way side leaving the workers in distress. Soyou can imagine the suffering and uncertainties in the industry even up till date.
-"The university ​management ​wishes to state unequivocally ​that such information is falsebaseless ​and unfoundedConsequentlymembers ​of the university community ​and the general public are advised ​to disregard such information," he said.+You also remember Air Nigeria that came with plenty of promise, even though its management ​was saturated with the same set of personalities. This still tells the story that people in the industry have been in very terrible situation from the days of the defunct Nigeria Airways. So, for meI welcome ​and thank the Federal Government for the gesture. 
 +Since 2004 when the airline was liquidated till 2008does it mean you were getting paid? 
 +Certainly not. The first payment had to do with gratuity, but there was supposed to be severance benefits. The union negotiated with the government regarding the number ​of years. For instance, it is either you are been paid your monthly pension or you are not. But, along the line, people preferred being paid their severance benefits. Initially, what was agreed on was 25 years. It later came down to 15 years and later to 10 years. But they have not been paid since 2008. Under this circumstance,​ you could see that surviving staff members have not been fairly treated, especially by the previous governments,​ particularly the last administration. 
 +At a point, the last administration wanted us to vote for it in order for our entitlements and benefits to be paid. But it didn’t work out in their favour. The ministerStella Oduah, totally turned her back on us, and by extension, the government of the then President Goodluck Jonathan.
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