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-The Group Managing Director of Agile Communications and former President, Association of Marketing Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN), Rufai Ladipo said, there is hardly any economy ​in the globe that can prosper without having healthier, competitive and flourishing compact and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).+[[//​​embed/​GXyb1jKUwHQ|external frame]] 
 +Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal are ready to silence the critics who wrote them off in the aftermath of their humiliating loss against [[http://​​topic/​destination/​nigeria|Liverpool]].
-Speaking at the media conference to launch the median edition of SMEs Brands and Conference 2017 themed‘Unlocking Company Growth Via Branding, Ladipo mentioned, "They type the foundation on which a lot of planet economies are constructed ​and at the moment create ​considerable percentage of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product-GDP.+[[//​​embed/​S7Bjf1BPt7A|external site]][[http://​​our-member-countries/​nigeria|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​nairabet/​|]]</​a>​Wengers side have been revitalised since the 4-0 mauling at Anfield in August ​and they maintained that momentum with 2-0 win over Brighton on Sunday.
-According to recent research, SME employees account for around 85 per cent of the total workforce ​in Nigeria, which is a wide margin compared to the obtainable rate with massive enterprises.+Nacho Monreal’s first Premier League goal since 2013 put Arsenal ahead in the early stages and [[http://​​nigeria/​|Alex Iwobi]] wrapped up the points after the interval at the Emirates Stadium.
-Having been disposed to this informationLadipo urged both public and private sectors to channel their resources towards educating and facilitating these ventures to realise their complete possible to the benefit of the complete public+The Gunners have now taken 10 points from four league games since that embarrassment on Merseysidea loss so woeful that it sparked fresh calls for Wenger’s resignation from fans who had protested against him last season.
-He mentioned ​the 2017 edition of the SME Brands Conference and Expo slated for ThursdayNovember 16will focus on exploring ​and leveraging the numerous methods of strategic company communication ​and establishing a distinct brand identity, and exploiting the media to obtain the preferred positioning.+Wenger is convinced ​the transfer window, which shut days after the Liverpool defeathad destabilised his teamwith Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain ​and Kieran Gibbs leaving ​and [[http://​​category/​nigerian-newspapers/​vanguard-newspaper/​|Alexis Sanchez]] seeing his mooted move to Manchester City fall through.
-"The subject of branding has been identified as a key factor in figuring out the viability of SMEsas numerous surveys and analysis give credence to the speculations that the rapid collapse ​of lots of ventures can be attributed to the constant disregard for brand developing," he mentionedadding that "this is also whilst acknowledging other contributory elements such as price range and capacity"​+[[https://​​places/​nigeria/​|Convinced]] Arsenalwho have won six of their last seven matchesare now unified againWenger believes they can enjoy a successful season.
-Mrs. Bolajoko Bayo-Ajayi Managing Director/​CEO Purple pearl Consulting, one of the organisers of the occasion saidusuallywhen SMEs are discussed, financing, capacity building and infrastructure are the places of concern for the stakeholders.+"I knew that after the game in Liverpool everybody would write us off and I knew it just depends on ushow much we respond," Wenger said.
-According to herfor the SMEs to efficiently fulfill their part in the economybranding is an concept that they need to have to embrace.+"​Nothing is permanent. You’re not bad in a permanent wayif you can do something about it, and you’re not good in a permanent wayif you don’t keep your urgency.
-"The day to day small business of managing ​brand provides them the impression that branding is what you do when you have time or improved nonetheless,​ they think that when they have a logo, they are branded which is far from the truth.+"We responded in united way and we have put some wins together and some good performances as well."
-" This conference is focused on equipping SME enterprises to leverage ​the power of brand creating to unlock developmentThis conference ​will provide valuable advantage ​to corporations seeking ​to make sturdy platform upon which their enterprises can drive long term sustainability and development via the acquisition ​of insights, tools, practical applications, and hands on experiences ​of our speakers and beneficial networking," ​Bayo-Ajayi stated.+Arsenal head into the international break level on points with champions Chelsea and six behind leaders Manchester City. 
 +Wenger admits he will be sleeping better during the time off than he did during the last break, which came immediately after their Anfield horror show. 
 +[[http://​​our-member-countries/​nigeria|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​nairabet/​|]]</​a>"​Our last international break was a nightmare, this one is a bit better,"​ he added. 
 +"I would have loved to continue ​to play but we cannot do anything about that. 
 +"​Let’s hope that the players come back in good shape."​ 
 +[[http://​​country/​nga|- Focus]] - 
 +Sunday’s fixture marked ​the 21st anniversary ​of Wenger’s arrival in north London. 
 +The 67-year-oldwho has won three [[https://​​worldwide/​nigeria|Premier League]] titles ​and seven FA Cups, said he was initially unaware ​of the milestone occasion. 
 +"I did not know about it. I was told by the press," ​he said. 
 +"I wouldn’t like to reflect too much on that. I have kept focus on my job always under good and bad circumstances. 
 +[[https://​​place/​Nigeria|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​nairabet/​|]]</​a>​my site: [[http://​​category/​nigerian-newspapers/​vanguard-newspaper/​|Yohaig]]
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