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-The Minister of DetailsMrs Patricia Akwashiki, disclosed this to State House correspondents just after the Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday, April 15 in Abuja, which was presided over by the president.+Mohammed Bashaa Boko Haram suspect has been arrested ​in Akoko south east local government area of Ondo state.
-Akwashiki mentioned the heads of the MDAs would also short the president ​on the position ​of points ​in their respective organisations,​ particularly ​the state of current contracts.+This comes six days after Ibrahim Idris Abawo, popularly known as Idiko, who was number 165 on the wanted list of Boko Haram commanders, was arrested ​in the same area.
-According to herthis is to assure comprehensive handing more than notes for the smooth and efficient transition to the in-coming administration ​on Might 29.+Femi Josephpublic relations officer of the command, Basha was arrested while he was loitering ​on Isua-Ifira Akoko road.
-"What we discussed with the President in the Council is, he emphasised on the want for all MDAs and government parastatals and departments,​ agencies to submit their handing over notes to the workplace ​of the SGF by the 20th (April) that is subsequent Monday.+"When the suspect was arrested, he was interrogated ​and confessed that he was a member ​of the Boko Haram sect. He said his father ​is from Niger Republic while his mother is from Maiduguri in Borno state,"​ he said.
-"Sowe are going to be quite busy this weekend, placing our handing over notes with each other.+"He said when Maiduguri was hot for himhe ran to Nassarawa State last month and he left the state last Saturday and came down to the South-west to hide here.
-"The President also emphasised that he will call for one more tiny briefing from all MDAs to indicate inherited projects, how it has been executed, initiated projects by his administration and their level of completion (no matter if completed or ongoing or abandoned).''​ 
 +"He also confessed that one Daffo is his team leader while Shekau is still the overall leader of the group."​
-She said that already, the transition committee, headed by Vice-President Namadi Sambo, and an inaugural committee, headed by the SGF, Anyim Pius Anyim, had been set up by the president for a smooth transition. 
- +Joseph said some items suspected ​to be charms were recovered from himHe added that the suspect was still in the protective custody ​of the command for further enquiry.
-Akwashiki maintained that the Jonathan’s administration will continue ​to function till May 29. +
- +
-She, having said that, disclosed that anything about governance will be concluded by the Jonathan’s administration on May well 28, although May perhaps 29 will be reserved for the swearing-in ​of the new administration of retired Important Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.+
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