He was shocked when a friend called to tell him he saw the father and Dorcas going into a guest house and he went there to see things for himself.

To add salt to the injury, Dorcas opened up to him that she had been dating his father for more than a year.

Read his story here:

“My name is Fabian, a 28-year-old man. I work in my father's office as the Finance Manager in Lagos. I had to work in the family business as my dad has been preparing me to take over the company in the future.

My dad is one randy old man who does not see anything in a skirt and let go. In fact, he has chased and slept with almost every lady working in the company. He has three wives but at 57, he is still on the lookout for more women.

Even my sisters' friends are not spared in his philandering ways and I often wonder what these girls see in him but from discussions I have had with some of them, they say he is so caring, romantic and very generous.

I was never bothered with his ways until he hit me where it hurts most by snatching my fiancee right under my nose.

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I have been dating Dorcas for three years now and proposed to her early this year which she gladly accepted. We have gone as far as doing the introduction and a date set for the wedding in November when I found out that I have been sharing her with dad.

The day I found out would remain the worst day of my life and I have vowed never to forgive my father. I have told my mother and our family members but no one will be able to do anything because he is treated like a 'king'.

Dorcas had told me she was traveling to Port Harcourt to visit her uncle and would be away for three days. I gave her money to buy her flight ticket and take care of herself till she got back.

But the next day, a close friend called that he saw Dorcas with my dad going into a guest house in Lekki and that the way he saw them, it was not the way in-laws are supposed to be. I could not believe my friend and told him to cut off such jokes but he swore that he saw them.

He told me that to be very sure, I should meet him later that evening so he would go and show me the hotel they were staying.

Later that evening, I went to my friend's house in Lekki and we went to the guest house which was in a secluded estate in the Peninsula. My friend told me it was a hideout of some sort and was used by some big men.

Driving into the guest house, I saw dad's car parked there. I was trembling when my friend led me to the swimming pool where a party was going on.

Lo and behold, there were my father and his equally randy friends, with some of them wearing only boxers and tying towels.

There were several women, some inside the pool while others were engaged in some dirty romance with the men. And sure there was Dorcas lying on dad's body, kissing him passionately.

I was blinded by rage and charged at them, screaming but my friend held me back. To my surprise, my father just turned and looked at me and asked what I was doing there? I shouted at him to shut up and asked Dorcas if that was the Port Harcourt she told me she was going to.

I don't know what I expected her to do but surely it was not the calm way she reacted. She just looked at me as if I was disturbing them and also asked what I was doing there.

If not for my friend and the bouncers that dragged me out of the place, I would have attacked my father and Dorcas physically that night.

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When dad came back home, he behaved as if nothing happened and dared me to do my worse. Dorcas too sent me a message that the wedding is off and to tell me that she had been dating my father for over two years now and that I was too blind not to know.

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