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-The Petroleum Solutions Marketing and advertising Organization (PPMC) received ​total of $205.2million from Duke Oil for goods traded involving January 2016 and September ​2017.+In report by Premium Times, the suspected Boko Haram gunmen launched an attack on the military base killing military personnel ​and civilians on Tuesday night, October 24, 2017.
-PPMC Managing DirectorUmar Ajiya told Property Representatives Ad-hoc Committee investigating alleged income leakages in the Oil and Gas sector ​in the period under review.+The attackaccording to the report, took place at a village called Sasawa ​in Damaturu Local Government Area.
-The Deputy ManagerPublic Affairs DivisionMohammed Umarcreated this known in a statement yesterday.+The attack was confirmed by an army spokespersonKayode Ogunsanyaand also by the state'​s Commissioner of PoliceAbdulmaliki Sumonu.
-He mentioned ​the products traded inside ​the periodhave been fuel flow (Low Pour Fuel Oil) and NAPHTHA.+While the army spokesperson is yet to confirm details on the actual casualtythe police commissioner also said security operatives are working on the details of the attack.
-He said as a fall-out of the on-going restructuring of the NNPC, it was agreed that Duke Oil be provided the two solutions to sell on behalf of the NNPC in line with its mandate as international trading organization as well as a wholly owned subsidiary of NNPC. 
 +"Yes, there was an attack and we repelled it, there was casualty on both sides."​ Colonel Ogunsanya, the spokesman of 3-Division Jos, said.
-‘’The present operating model allows PPMC to pass the volumes to DUKE OIL to trade and remit to the PPMC, both the value of solution invoiced it and administrative charge,​’’ the MD stressed. 
 +ALSO READ: Boko Haram leader'​s wife killed in NAF air strike
-He said the arrangement was not intended to produce a monopoly, but rather to empower Duke Oil to function appropriately,​ pointing that no money missing anyplace.+In his words, the Police commissioner had said: "The attack happened on Tuesday night; we are still working on the details."
-Duke Oil prior to now, was not operating like it need to as an international trading business.+It was further reported that soldiers and a civilian was among those killed when the insurgents attacked on Tuesday.
-The chairman ​of the committeeRepJarigbe Agom Jarigberequested for more documents ​to help the presentation summited to the Committee.+ 
 +"I can authoritatively confirm to you that there was an attack in the early hours of yesterday at Sasawa and eight military personnel, including an officer as well as a civilian, were killed during ​the raid," a military source reportedly said. 
 +The source was further quoted as saying the attackers who came with seven gun trucks "​overran the military base having taken the soldiers off guard."​ 
 +The Commissioner of Police in the state, Abdulmaliki Sumonuearlier confirmed ​to journalists that the village was attacked on Tuesday night. 
 +Sasawa is an agrarian community some located 36 km north of Damaturu, ​the state capital. The village was once under the captivity of Boko Haram before it was liberated by soldiers.
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