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-[[//​​embed/​4A5r8daa2pQ|external page]][[//​​embed/​QQdKjSNEPC4|external frame]] 
-At least 263 people were killed by [[https://​​places/​nigeria/​|twin bomb]] explosions in the heart of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, [[http://​​category/​nigeria-news/​|doctors]] said on Monday, [[https://​​government/​world/​nigeria|confirming]] the deadliest attacks since an [[https://​​worldwide/​nigeria|Islamist]] [[http://​​our-member-countries/​nigeria|insurgency]] began in 2007. 
-[[http://​​our-member-countries/​nigeria|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​bet9ja/​|]]</​a>​[[https://​​world/​nigeria|Local officials]] had put the [[http://​​travel/​countries/​nigeria-guide/​|death toll]] at over 200 on Sunday without giving a firm number following the blasts that struck two busy junctions on Saturday. 
-Aden Nur, a doctor at the city’s Madina hospital, said they had [[http://​​topic/​destination/​nigeria|recorded]] 258 deaths while Ahmed Ali, a nurse at the nearby Osman Fiqi hospital, told [[https://​​world/​nigeria|Reuters]] five bodies had been sent there. 
-"160 of the bodies could not be recognized and so they were buried by the government yesterday. The others were buried by their relatives. Over a hundred injured were also brought here," Nur told Reuters at the [[http://​​our-member-countries/​nigeria|hospital]]. 
-Look at my webpage ... [[http://​​category/​nigeria-news/​|Yohaig]] 
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