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-Emeka Ozumba’s "Let Us Protect Buhari’s Integrity"​ (Daily SunNovember ten2017) provides meals for believed. It is a most thoughtful write-up on the will need to preserve the individual integrity ​of President Muhammadu Buhari against ​the onslaught of persons incredibly close to him in the administration who are dragging him to their level under the guise of operating for him to succeed properly ​in celebration politics. It is self-evident that most individuals about the president do not share his values of integrity ​and his vision ​of a Nigeria where items are carried out effectively. They have low moral standards and are self-serving. For that reason, he desires to watch his back.+[[//​​embed/​zkHn0oizlFk|external site]][[//​​embed/​5rVjNFC93kE|external frame]] 
 +Embattled music starDavid Adelekepopularly called Davido, may be in fresh trouble with the Lagos State Police Command, which is currently investigating ​the death of three friends ​of the talented artiste in just a week. While Davido is being quizzed as a principal suspect, though with no concrete evidence ​to nail him yet, his statement ​to the police on Wednesday at the command headquarters ​in Ikeja may have worsened ​his case and weakened ​his line of defence.
-The instant context of the write-up by Ozumba, ​marketing and advertising communications specialist, is unconfirmed ​reports ​that our president is getting dragged to the campaign rally of Tony Nwoye, the controversial APC candidate ​in the November 18 gubernatorial election in Anambra StateOzumba warns that the president’s individual reputation constructed on integrity more than the decades will end up in smoke if he need to succumb to the political antics ​of particular individuals.+[[http://​​en-us/​nigeria.html|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​bet9ja/​|]]</​a>Tongues have been wagging following ​reports of three deaths ​in just one weekAside Tagbo Omieke, two other associates of the singer, Olugbenga Abiodun (DJ Olu), 25, and Chime Amaechi were found lifeless in Olu’s BMW car, parked ​in the underground garage ​of Block B, Banana Island, Lagos last Saturday, three days after Tagbo’s death.
-An vital point produced in the post is the want for President Buhari ​to have very good safety reports on these who visit him, citing ​the instance ​of a quite controversial businessman,​ lawyer and socialite based in Lagos, Fred Ajudua, who paid a effectively-publicised visit to Common Sani Abacha when the latter assumed office as Nigeria’s military Head of State on November 17, 1993The individual who arranged ​the visitan Army Basic and Director ​of Army Public Relationswas arresteddetained and retired for embarrassing ​not only the new regime but also the whole country. Ozumba wonders if Buhari’s handlers, like safety and intelligence aides, had been happy with the visit to the President by the APC candidate ​on October 13.+The question now is, who committed ​the triple murders?​[[http://​​member-states/​nigeria/​|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​bet9ja/​|]]</​a>​ Is Davido innocent or guilty? Or is someone trying ​to set him up? How could he lose three friends in the space of one week in very dramatic circumstances?​ Sources reveal that detectives are making frantic efforts ​to unravel ​the mystery surrounding the deathsEven before they finally uncover ​the mysterythe state Commissioner ​of PoliceEdgal Imohimiis not happy that Davido was unruly while giving his statement ​to the police ​on Wednesday.
-To underscore how controversial Nwoye has been, Ozumba demands ​that the APC candidate clarify why he was rusticated from the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu, which produced him move to the new and little recognized Ebonyi State University. Even though Nwoye’s pipers unofficially deny that the rustication had to do with cult-connected activities, Nwoye has himself curiously refused to comment on the circumstances leading to his exit from the University of NigeriaGiven that democracy is about openness, accountability and transparency,​ Nwoye owes not only Anambra individuals but also all Nigerians ​the obligation ​to clarify ​the situationHe has to come out real cleanExplaining ​the circumstances ​of his rustication ​has grave implications for our democracy.+[[http://​​our-member-countries/​nigeria|Police sources]] further told Saturday Sun that CP Imohimi is now holding Davido’s [[http://​​en/​tag/​nigeria/​|statement]] ​that he didn’t know anything ​about Tagbo’s death against him because his aides actually took the deceased ​to the hospital as allegedly instructed by the singerThe latest twist was said to have [[http://​​topics/​nigeria|infuriated]] ​the police boss as a result ​of which he has accused Davido of lying to the police. "Lying in a serious murder case like this has its consequences and has further raised further questions about Davido’s innocence",​ a police source told this paper yesterday.
-But of more concern to the Nigerian individuals is Nwoye’s alleged role in the three-day mayhem in Anambra State, which started on November four, 2004. Nwoye requires ​to address widespread allegations that he was deeply involved in the mayhem whose 16th anniversary the individuals of Anambra State are marking this month. The mayhem saw the burning in broad daylight of the Government House in Awka, the Governor’s Lodge in Onitsha, the House of Assembly complex, ​the Judicial Service Commission complex, the Anambra State Broadcasting Service ​and a number of vehicles belonging ​to innocent individuals who have been passing byAnambra individuals will never ever forget this tragedyOur personal legendary Professor Chinua Achebe known as it properly-orchestrated program by renegades in the state, functioning in cahoots with the Presidency in Abuja, ​to turn "my homeland into a bankrupt and lawless fiefdom."+However, other suspects ​in the case were said to still be in police custodypending ​the completion ​of the process ​and so that they can aid detectives in their investigations. It was also learnt that Davido was advised ​to make himself available any time his [[https://​​worldwide/​nigeria|attention]] was needed, ​request he freely consented ​to.
-As I have stated on one more occasion, I was a prime target of the arsonists. They invaded my official residence ​in the Legislative Quarters in Awka in the morning ​of November four with the intention ​to assassinate me and my household. But my wife had taken my youngsters to school, and so I was alone. How I managed to escape from the substantial quantity ​of marauders clutching all manner of unsafe paraphernalia of violence and smoking all types of stuff remains ​mystery ​to this day. I assume God just sent His angels to save me from imminent violent ​death in their hands. I was spirited out of the Legislative Quarters via divine intervention.+The new front in the case was opened when the police debunked Davido’s explanation ​of what happened on the night Tagbo Omieke died declaring that the musician gave his boys instructions ​to dump the body of late Tagbo at General Hospital in Lagos after autopsy reports emerged that Tagbo was suffocated ​to death and did not die of alcohol poisoning according to a bogus autopsy report that trended online earlier.
-The mayhem was led by a controversial member of the House of Representatives and assisted by the commander of the Police ​Mobile Force in Anambra State. But they did not act alone. They had foot soldiers. The leader of the foot soldiers is identified in the report of the judicial commission set up by the state government to look into the mayhem. The commission was headed by Justice Keazor from Obosi in Idemmili North Nearby Government Location, ​brilliant lawyer ​and upright judge. Dr Chris Ngige was in the procedure of publishing the white paper on the report when he was removed by the Court of Appeal as Anambra ​State governor in 2006. But the report is nevertheless available.+Consequently, ​the Lagos State Police ​Command are treating Tagbo’s death as homicide ​and has yesterday transferred ​the case to State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, for further investigations.
-President Buhari demands ​to go via itThe present Anambra State Government can avail him with a copySecurity agencies like the police force and the Division ​of State Services ​(DSScan also send him their copies.+Speaking on the matter, the Lagos police boss, Imohimi, said at a press briefing: "He has been re-invited for questioning because he lied that he only knew of Tagbo’s demise while he was at DNA nightclub, in Victoria Island, a claim that has been found to be untrueOn October 3, around 9:20p.m. the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of General Hospital Lagos, Oparanti Moshood alerted the Divisional Police Officer ​(DPOLion Building that an unidentified male was brought in dead in an ash colour Toyota Camry Saloon car marked LSD378EL by two unidentified males."
-Our president wants to come across out why best Yoruba APC leaders like Bola Tinubuour party’s National Leader, ​had been really active in campaigning for Dr Ngige when he was an APC senatorial candidate in the 2015 general elections, but have stoutly refused to do the identical point for the APC candidate ​in the forthcoming Anambra State gubernatorial electionThey recognise ​that the APC has no candidate this time about. APC members need to not be telling ​the electorate items like "We need to take your state by force and by fire."+According ​to himTagbo was identified by his international passport found in the deceased’s car. He said: "​Davido ​had told the police he had left Shisha Bar for DNA Nite Club in Victoria Island without ​the deceased and was only informed by mutual friends of his death while he was at DNAHowever, investigation revealed ​that Davido’s white Toyota Hilux escort driver, Tunde Yusuf, accompanied by Agbeje Olaoye and Idris Busari, both Davido’s friends, took the deceased ​to the General Hospital Lagos and abandoned him in his vehicle on the instruction of Davido.
-An individual like Governor Nasir el-Rufai has openly endorsed Nwoye merely for the reason that he wants to avenge ​the indiscretion which ex-Governor Peter Obi committed against himagainst Nigeria’s Constitution and against national unity 4 years ago. Obi ordered the DSS not to allow el-Rufai to come out of his Olde Enghishe Hotel in Awka during the governorship election four years ago on the ground ​that he is not from Anambra State. El-Rufai came as an observer for his party and Dr Ngige. But ex-Governor Obi has due to the fact left the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and pitched tent with the PDP for individual causes.+"The CCTV footage at the hospital picked the escort vehicle and the entire activity. The vehicle was recovered from Davido’s residence at 7, Awoshika StreetLekki Phase 1. This completely debunks Davido’s claim that he did not know how the deceased got to the General Hospital. The interim autopsy report stated that the victim died of Asphyxia."
-APC leaders acknowledge in private that we really should have presented this time a candidate like Dr Ngige, Chief George Muoghalu, Engineer Barth Nwibe, Senator Andy Uba or Dr Obinna Uzor each and every of these candidates would have been straightforward to sell. It is an open secret that most APC leaders in the state will not vote APC in the governorship election since of their love of Anambra State. Dr Ngige is officially the coordinator of the Nwoye campaign, but how several times has the minister been observed with the candidate? Several of our party’s leaders will not declare their stand publicly for fear of charges of anti-party activities. But there areof course, individuals like me ready to bite the bullet.+On the cause of death of two other Davido’s friends who were found dead inside a BMW car marked KJA631AYImohimi said the autopsy had not been concluded.
 +Meanwhile, the family of Tagbo has reacted stating that there was more to his death.
-Lastly, President Buhari is advised to appear before he leapsNumerous ​of the individuals in his office are carrying out him no fantasticThey are not interested in his individual reputation or integrity or his place in historyHe has to watch his back.+MrsOraka, speaking on behalf ​of the Omeike family said: "We, the family of Tagbo Ifeatuchukwu Umeike, received the shocking news of the passing on of our brother on October 3 at about 8:55p.m., several hours after his demiseSince his passing, there have been several stories making the rounds, especially on social media, regarding Tagbo’s personality and the circumstances concerning ​his deathTagbo looked out for everyone and had a big heart; he was a friend to all and loved by many. Evidence received so far suggests that there is more to his death and we, as a family, will ensure that the truth regarding the circumstances of his passing will be brought to light."
-Hon Okechi, former chairman of the Anambra State House of Assembly Committee on Facts and Public Petitions, is a founding APC member ​in the stateHe is top a movement to reform Anambra APCHon Okechi is voting Obiano (not APGA) in the Anambra election[e-mail protected]0803 5585188.+[[http://​​our-member-countries/​nigeria|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​nairabet/​|]]</​a>​Thanking the Lagos State Police Command, she said that the family was pleased because they now have a clearer picture of the events leading up to Tagbo’s untimely demise"
-•Editor’s noteFunke Egbemode returns subsequent week+However, Davido’s lawyer, Norrison Quakers (SAN), in a statement entitledThe Unfortunate Death of Tagbo Umeike; Davido’s Story, stated that contrary to the CP’s statement, his client had no case to answer as he was innocent. He also stated that at no time was Davido arrested. 
 +The statement reads in part: "The said publications have all caused our client, Davido, a lot of undue embarrassment thus necessitating the need to present the facts as they stand, since the unfortunate incident is now in the public domain. First of all we wish to state that our client was never arrested but rather made himself available to assist the police in its investigation and after a satisfactory explanation,​ he was allowed to go. 
 +"It is imperative to state that the evidence and footage available to the [[http://​​category/​nigeria-forum/​|police discloses]] the chain of events leading to the discovery of the remains of Mr.[[http://​​travel/​countries/​nigeria-guide/​|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​bet9ja/​|]]</​a>​ Tagbo Umeike do not in any way incriminate our client, but rather absolves him of any criminal culpability;​ a fact that the police is aware of. " 
 +For the records, we wish to state that our client has not been found culpable for the death of Mr. Tagbo Umeike, and this was earlier communicated by the police in a closed meeting involving the Acting Commissioner of Police, Lagos, Davido, the family of the deceased and one Caroline Danjuma, who claims to be girlfriend of the deceased. 
 +"Our client was also not involved in the untimely death of the deceased, nor did he give any instructions to anyone to ‘dump’ the corpse of Mr. Tagbo Umeike anywhere. 
 +Have a look at my website :: [[http://​​category/​nigeria-forum/​|Yohaig]]
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