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 +[[//​​embed/​bdrwbB6RipE|external frame]]
 +The leader of Britain’s [[http://​​category/​tv-stations/​|main opposition]] Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, and other politicians could lose their seats if proposals to "cut the cost of politics"​ go ahead, a report suggested on Tuesday.
 +Under former Prime Minister David Cameron, the governing Conservative Party pledged to reduce the number of lawmakers from 650 to 600 in order to save cost.
 +The Independent Boundary Commission has made proposals to make sure most electoral districts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are [[https://​​government/​world/​nigeria|roughly]] equal in the number of voters, [[http://​​topics/​news/​nigeria.htm|meaning]] certain seats, like Mr.[[http://​​country/​nga|]][[http://​​recommends/​sports-betting/​nairabet/​|]]</​a>​ Corbyn‘s, are set to be abolished.
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