To deposit or withdraw, login to your account and then click on the Cashier icon on the homepage. Proceed to a single of the strategies explained under. There is no fee for deposits with this payment technique. Login to your Bet9ja account with your username and password making use of one of the functions provided. Step3.external site This will open up the cashier window. Click on “Cards Instant Deposit”. Step4. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit in the space supplied and click “Subsequent”. You can also view the status of your prior transactions here. Step5. You will be asked to confirm that the quantity that you have entered is right. If you wish to deposit the amount specified, click “Confirm”.

Step6. You will then be redirected to choose amongst Quickteller and Card Payments from the drop-down menu. Step7. Immediately after inputting your particulars and approving the transaction, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. Step8. You can also confirm that your account has been funded by checking the transactions list making use of a single of the functions provided. There is no fee for deposits with this payment approach. Nevertheless, you will be asked to accept a ₦100 charge from the bank. Step2. Click on “On-line Banking”. Step4. You will then be directed to the Internet Banking platform. Decide on “Click here to Login”. Step5. You will now be required to fill in your login facts.

First, input your 11-digit GTBank User ID. Next, use the keypad to input your password. To proceed, click on the green button. Step6. From the next drop-down menu, click on “Payments & Collections”. Step7. Click on “Other Payments”. Step8. Scroll down to pick “KC GAMING NETWORKS LTD” and confirm the payment. Step9. You will then be directed to a page exactly where you will be expected to fill in your Exclusive Bet9ja UserID and the amount that you would like to deposit. Your Bet9ja UserID can be identified on the Bet9ja mobile homepage in the prime left corner. Step10. You will then be expected to confirm your information. Step11. Confirm the bank charge, choose which account to debit, answer your secret question, enter your token code and click “Pay”. Step12. Upon prosperous payment, your transaction receipt will be displayed.

There is no fee for deposits with this payment strategy. Step2. Click on “Send Revenue” from the menu on the left. Step3. Select “Bet9ja” from the drop-down menu. Step4. Input your Bet9ja UserID (located on the Bet9ja mobile homepage in the top rated left corner) and the amount that you wish to deposit. Step5. Confirm your specifics, enter your pin with the onscreen keypad and click “Send Funds”. Step6. You will then acquire a confirmation on the subsequent page with the status of your transaction. There is no charge for deposits with this payment process. If your transaction is authorised your account will be credited right away. Step1. bet9jamobile Go to any UBA Bank, Zenith Bank, FCMB, First Bank or Union Bank branch to deposit funds in money. Jose Mourinho says Manchester United's target is PDISCOUNT Cost FOR BLACKBERRY,IPHONE,IPAD,EtcBREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump wins as the 45th US prVACANCIES,JOB Opportunities, US EMBASSY,Etc2014 Graduate Trainee Plan at Stanbic IBTC BankAn Open Letter to Nigerians By Akuson Henry- The ANational Identity card to develop into ATM, travel cardPictures of how the Earth have changed over the year

Initial Bank: 2030221576 - For Very first Bank you will have to have to fill out a deposit slip and present it to the teller in order to make payment. Step4. Supply your Distinctive Bet9ja UserID (located on the Bet9ja mobile homepage in the best left corner) or in the case of 1st Bank and Union Bank, fill out a deposit slip. Step5. The teller might ask you some safety inquiries to confirm your individual particulars to make sure they are crediting the funds to the appropriate Bet9ja account. Step6. As quickly as the teller confirms the payment, your Bet9ja account will be credited cost-free of charge. Step7. Please ensure you keep the receipt issued by the bank in case of any query.

Visit any of the supported banks listed beneath and fund your Bet9ja account utilizing Paydirect. Step2. Present the deposit slip to the cashier. Step3. Your payment will be processed and a receipt issued. Step2 Choose “Fund Bet9ja”. Step3 Fill in the requested details and click “Continue”. Step4 Verify payment facts and click on “Spend”. Step5 You will be redirected to WebPay and a confirmation page will be displayed if the transaction is thriving. Fund your Bet9ja account employing an ATM close to you. All you will want to fund your account is your ATM card and your exceptional Bet9ja User ID. Your Bet9ja User ID can be found on the Bet9ja mobile homepage in the top left corner.

Please note that it is not your username. Step1 Stop by any Quickteller enabled ATM. Step2 Insert your card and enter your pin. Step3 Choose “Pay Bills” or “Quickteller” depending on the ATM. Step4 Choose your account Step5 You will be directed to pick out a payment solution - select either “Spend Merchant” or “Other folks” depending on the ATM. Step6 You will then be prompted for a Merchant Code, which is 04226901 for Bet9ja. Step7 Input your Client Reference quantity, which is your Exclusive Bet9ja UserID which can be found on the Bet9ja mobile homepage in the best left corner. Step8 Input the amount that you would like to deposit. Step9 Input your telephone quantity and pick “Proceed”. Step10 You will then acquire confirmation that the payment has been completed effectively. Step1. Login to your Bet9ja account with your username and password employing one particular of the functions supplied. Step 2 Click on “Cashier”. Step 3 Click on “Withdrawal”. Step five Fill in your correct bank specifics. Step 6 Verify your transaction facts and click “Confirm”. You will obtain confirmation of your withdrawal You will also be in a position to use the function within the cashier to view your pending withdrawals.

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