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 +[[//​www.youtube.com/​embed/​5azsyDXRF10|external page]]
 +Linda is a fake feminist and like most [[http://​Www.Unhcr.org/​en-us/​nigeria.html|Nigerian]] women even with money or education ,does not understand the true definition of [[http://​www.Ecowas.int/​member-states/​nigeria/​|feminism]]. But this is supposed to be humor right? If Wizkid talk now she go pull feminist card. Odiegwu
 +What do you know about feminism? Do you think Anthony doesn'​t know that people are going to look at is picture.[[http://​Www.Economist.com/​topics/​nigeria|economist.com]][[http://​www.yohaig.ng/​recommends/​sports-betting/​nairabet/​|yohaig.ng]]</​a>​ Seriously, shut the fuck up. Take that from a Male Feminist, there'​s a big difference between acknowledging someone'​s attractive without reducing and minimalising their [[http://​www.ecowas.int/​member-states/​nigeria/​|talents]] and skills, and seeing women as just a place for men to stick grope, abuse and [[http://​www.yohaig.ng/​category/​tv-stations/​ogun-state-television/​|penises]] in.