external page Updated on February 7, 2015 hypnodoctor moreContact Author This Persona Paper review is completed primarily based on my personal experience and expressed expertise of other members I encountered in the course of my interaction with the internet website. Have You Ever Heard Of Persona Paper And Bubblews Before This Report? Persona Paper is a social sharing net website, where the members get paid a particular quantity for posting articles, one of a kind views of their articles and posting comments on other member's Here I will critique the net site's up-sides and down-sides and give some ideas on how to make the most of this promising new platform. Persona Paper is designed to be very quick to use and navigate. It has a sort of a “forum feel” at the initial glance, even though it really is actually a social sharing platform.

Every single new post is featured on the first web page with the optional image in addition to the title and a quick snippet of the first paragraph. The writing interface is straightforward to use and has some sophisticated text attributes as properly as many image inserting options, tables, code snippets and so on (see figure beneath). Articles are categorized in several categories, of which every is also featured separately on the first page in a slider, exactly where each category and it's very first 5 most recent articles are highlighted. Are You A Member Of Either Persona Paper Or Bubblews? One particular of the hallmarks of Persona Paper is it is quality handle.

Every new member has to post a 500 character post about themselves and describe some thing about themselves. The post is then reviewed by an editor for suitable English so that the high quality of the posts stay comparatively higher (this was not accomplished on most other pay-per-post social platforms). This gives the web page to remain authoritative in the extended run and to give the readers a far better encounter, which is also really fantastic for search engine The posts are also often checked for plagiarized and duplicate content, which further assures site's authority and every image has to have a declaration of it is source. At the Persona Paper every single author is paid in so known as “Coins”. For each and every unique view of your post you get two Coins, for every single comment you make on other people's posts, you get 1 Coin.

You also earn a coin for each vote you get on your polls. Coin (as of Jan.01.2015). The exchange is said to be slowly raised periodically as the web-site gets far more revenue from the advertisers and as they produce a economic buffer to be capable to fulfil all payments. Coins. This can also alter in time. This way certainly an unrealistic rate and it pushed this pretty well-liked web-site to enforce some extremely radical measures and resort to non-payment and strict policies with regards to the interactions in order to delete the accounts of the offending members. This is nevertheless going on on Bubblews at the time of this writing.

Persona Paper is entirely different in this regard. The pay is substantially lower, but this exact move tends to make the web site sustainable and permits it is long-term survival. All members and non-member readers at Persona Paper are regarded as equal. There is no difference if a member is from the USA or from the Philippines. They all get paid the identical amount and for site visitors to their internet web-site from all over the globe. This is also a major difference amongst Bubblews and Persona Paper mainly because due to current Bubblews adjustments, non-US, UK or AU members get paid a lot much less than their US, UK and AU counterparts. Admittedly, I have not been a member of Persona Paper extended enough to obtain enough coins for the minimum payout, but the coins seem to be piling up.

From exploring some other member's posts, I came to the conclusion that absolutely everyone who asked for the redemption, got their dollars promptly to their PayPal account. Admittedly, due to the reality that the web site is very new, not pretty several members got paid however, but the ones that did get to the minimum threshold in this brief time, did all get paid promptly. Just after you reach the minimum threshold, you can hit the redemption button. You can get your cash sent straight to your PayPal account or in the type of an Amazon gift certificate. My experience with the Persona Paper staff has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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They are polite, active, prompt and prepared to listen to the members. They listen to suggestions and respond as quickly as feasible (generally within 24 hours, depending on the day of the week). Every little thing they have carried out with the web page for now was announced beforehand and every move was explained in detail, with the background for the choice, where it was deemed needed. The exchange price has been slightly enhanced, but not to the amount that was announced (as an alternative of one hundred% boost, they did a 50% enhance). This choice was explained and a guarantee was created that they will function extensively towards a higher exchange price for the Coins earned. Coins earned with this post from the member's account.

This is much better than with Bubblews, exactly where they merely delete the user's complete account and he or she gets paid absolutely nothing. There has to be at least ten minutes among two posts. All in all, I locate Persona Paper a extremely promising newcomer to the content sharing platforms. For now the rates are extremely low, but there's real promise of them getting larger over time (a single 50% improve in the exchange price has already happened on Jan.01.2015). What I like about Persona Paper is the reality that you can in a way handle your income simply because you're index backlinks being paid for every single comment you make on other member's posts.

Granted that for now the community is relatively little, but when the quantity reaches a tipping point, the development will be close to exponential and so will be the potential for earnings. I located Persona Paper by accident though performing some research in Google on Bubblews. When I did a search on something about Bubblews, the 1st result was a poll produced by some member on Persona Paper. What stroke me was that it was only a couple of words and a poll. I also noticed that Persona Paper indexes very nicely in Google. I did a “Google Indexing Experiment” that proved to me the website is deemed to be a high-authority web page to Google.

This is only a speculation. This is based solely on my personal knowledge at HubP Will You Do Me A Small Favour? If you liked this critique and make a decision to register with Persona Paper, I invite you to please use my affiliate link to do so. In all honesty, you will not get rich overnight with Persona Paper, but it shows a lot of promise. I predict that quite a few quality, researched (keywords) and thought out posts will be picked up by Google and ranked highly for the key phrases, getting targeted traffic to your website and earning some money on the side. I hope this Persona Paper overview was valuable to you and it will bring you success in deciding a correct method for your online earnings.

Sign in or of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other internet sites. Anne Crary Jantz 20 months ago from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, U.S.A. I just began on HubPages, and I adore it so far. I'm on my 11th Hub and I'm enjoying the whole web-site pretty a lot. Having said that Hypnodoctor, I preserve hitting road blocks exactly where my brain just does not get cyber stuff. The greatest bugaboo I am encountering ideal now is the e-mail list factor. I just do not get how to get a list going.

I purchased the e mail service on GoDaddy, but I feel completely stupid - just cannot grasp how to get it going. Do you know where I can study up on it? Abiha: Sorry, I cannot share that details. What I will inform you, though, that the sites are not “Paid for content” web-sites like Persona or even Hubpages. They are actual affiliate/adsense sites and I have a couple of responsive and significant sufficient e-mail lists. I also sell my own products. It is my belief and experience that in order to make some genuine revenue on-line you need to have at least an e-mail list of interested subscribers that you construct partnership with.

And for that you normally demand a actual web page that you have full handle of. You pointed out in your second last comment that you are creating hundreds of dollars on other web-sites. Whould you like to share those websites with us. I will be thankful for your response. Hi Molly, thank you for commenting. Persona nonetheless works. It had it really is ups and downs but they spend regularly. There is, even so, slightly less revenue generation without appropriate promotions of your posts due to some changes they produced, exactly where non-US, UK and I believe Australian non-registered viewers do not create any coins. You can nonetheless make decent earnings with standard posting and commenting.

However, in all honesty, it won't make you rich. This is a fantastic notion. Persona Paper looks great. Does it nevertheless perform? But I am generating some coins just about every day on autopilot now. Despite the fact that, it is extra or much less cents, it is nonetheless autopilot. If I wasn't so busy creating my two brand new internet sites, I may possibly do some a lot more function there and come closer to dollar a day. But in my opinion it would take as well much perform for too small return. But Persona Paper is to me extra important for the connections and entertaining. Never anticipate to make a living with it any time quickly. With Bubblews it was probable, but we all saw what occurred to them.

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